Emotionally Focused Couple’s Therapy (EFT)

Quote from the International Centre for Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy (ICEEFT)

“Marital Distress is the single most common reason for seeking therapy. It undermines family functioning and is strongly associated with depression, anxiety disorders, and alcoholism.  EFT for couples offers a comprehensive theory of adult love and attachment, as well as a process for healing distressed relationships.  EFT recognizes that relationship distress results from a perceived threat to basic adult needs for safety, security, and closeness in intimate relationships.  This experiential/systemic therapy focuses on helping partners restructure the emotional responses that maintain their negative patterns of interaction.  Through a series of nine steps, the therapist leads the couple away from conflict deadlock into new bonding patterns. Over the past 30 years, Sue Johnson and her colleagues have developed and rigorously researched this short-term approach in couples therapy.  It is now one of the best delineated and empirically validated approaches in the field of couples therapy”

What is EFT? with Dr. Sue Johnson

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