Welcome to my website. I’m glad that you landed here! Since you are here, I imagine that you want to make a few changes in your life or in your relationship. I hope that I can help.

You are going to get the best results by having a counselor that you feel connected to, safe with, and supported by. My hope is that you will learn through my website if I’m a good fit. I’m happy to speak with you to explore your needs and goals to determine if they mesh with my experience and expertise.

I’m a counselor with 25 years of experience serving couples and individuals in North Seattle. I love accompanying individuals through significant life milestones like the ending of relationships, loss and grief, and career transitions. What feels overwhelming becomes manageable when we don’t feel so alone with our challenges.

I have accompanied couples who were at the end of the road due to a breach of trust or the slow dissolving of connection over time. But through guided support, they found a way to rebuild their relationship and to reconnect in ways that they could only have imagined.

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