About Me

After working in different professional counselor roles for 25 years, I found what I most love is to work with couples who have lost connection in their relationships and want to do something about it. Disconnection may come from years of putting kids first and now feeling like housemates. Or through heart breaking betrayal, either physical or emotional. Disconnection with our partner may have us wondering if the marriage is over. I have accompanied many couples through what appeared to be the end only to find a healthier and stronger relationship growing out of the ashes. I often stand in awe with couples who have worked hard, made their relationship a priority and come to a new place filled with love and are newly committed for the long haul.

I’m a total brain nerd and am fascinated in how the mind body connection supports change. My interest influences our work so change is lasting and sustainable. I bring experience and relationship expertise into the room. And yet what I am most intentional about creating is a space that allows vulnerability without judgment and offers practical and realistic ways to build a healthier relationship. I always have mints and kleenex nearby.

I’ve been married to a wonderful guy for nearly twenty years and we experience the rough and dry patches like all relationships. He has become my partner in testing and exploring relationship skills and approaches in hopes of making a good marriage even better. He tests software for a living, so testing relationship skills on weekends was not his idea of a good time. We’ve attended Gottman marriage weekends and even traveled to Costa Rica for a course in Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy (EFT) for counselors and their partners. Hiking and white water rafting was pretty good payback!

When not bargaining with my husband to attend yet another couples retreat, I’m dragging him to line dancing and joining him in his passion of stand up paddling. I fall. A lot.

I appreciate that it’s difficult not to give up when life together gets hard. It takes courage, a little hope, and commitment to get back up and try again.

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