About Me

What do you get when you cross a credentialed counselor, a seasoned minister, and a joyful brain geek? Me.

I  help individuals improve and develop healthy relationships beginning with ourselves. I work as a guide honoring you have deep wisdom.

Together we develop goals and a plan that support you towards developing a healthier mind, body, and emotional connection.

I use what I know: meeting yourself where you are, understanding what is out of alignment, and supporting you to live with greater integrity-a sense of wholeness.

We begin by learning and developing skills to meet yourself with greater compassion.  This focus supports what you want to change and influences relationships in powerful ways.

I’m a brain nerd and am fascinated in how the mind-body connection supports change. My interest influences our work so change is lasting and sustainable.

What I am most intentional about creating is a space that allows vulnerability without judgment and offers practical and realistic ways to build a healthier relationship first with yourself, appreciating that will influence every relationship that you have for the better.

 I meet you at the crossroads of mind, spirit and heart. With a big dose of laughter, occasional irreverence, and the belief in you (even if you don’t yet), I’d be honored to support your journey.



(206) 330-5392     ♦     Dr. Alicia Grace     ♦     alicia@aliciagrace.com